The Best TH15 Legend Bases in Action ⚒️ Pick Your Favorite (2024)

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Enjoy with this incredible playlist featuring our most famous Legend League Builder on Defense. Attacking does not matter when you use our Blueprint TH15 Legend League Bases as the defenses can push you to the TOP!

Attention Chiefs,

To all TH15 Clash of Clans players on a quest to conquer the leaderboards! If you're searching for the ultimate base to skyrocket your ranking in the Legends League, you've hit the jackpot with this blog post. Brace yourself as we present to you the absolute best TH15 Legends League Bases. Get ready to dominate and leave your opponents in awe!

Unleash the Power: Blueprint's Proven TH15 Legend League Bases!

Unveiling the Ultimate TH15 Legends League Bases: Tested, Proven, and Unmatched in Power! Don't settle for empty claims – Blueprint presents the undeniable proof of the Best TH15 Legend League Bases. We go beyond mere construction by subjecting these bases to rigorous testing, showcasing defense replays, and providing expert analysis from the base builder. Prepare to witness unrivaled strength and fortified defenses like never before. It's time to separate the contenders from the pretenders. Join us and discover the true champions!

Master the Legends League with Our Pro-Crafted TH15 Legend Bases!

Unlock the secret to conquering the Legends League and claim your rightful spot at the very top of the leaderboard. Introducing our exclusive organisation of elite players who dominate the Legends League like never before. Brace yourself for a mind-blowing revelation: the very same PROs who reign supreme on the scoreboard have crafted the Best TH15 Legends Bases you've been dreaming of. Get ready to witness unprecedented power and climb your way to victory alongside the legends themselves. Are you up for the challenge?

▶️ PlaylistBest TH15 Legend Bases

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to enhance your defense strategy. Check out our videos showcasing the best TH15 Legend League bases and gain a competitive edge like never before.

Protect your trophies, and ascend to the pinnacle of Clash of Clans. Get ready to defend with precision and dominate the Legend League next to the Blueprint CoC Legend League Roster!

Thank youfor joining us on this journey through the Legend League.

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    Enjoy TheDefenses and Hope you Can Learn a Thing or Two!

    As you watch these incredible Legend Bases in action, pay to the details and why this bases are doing so well at the top scoreboard.

    You may justpick up some new ideas or techniquesthat you can use in your own base layouts. And who knows,maybe one day you'll be the one featured in our TH15 Legend BasesPlaylist!


      Free ANTI SMASH and SUPERARCHER BLIMP BASE!! | Clash of Clans Basebuilding

      💙 Are you searching for a base to defend the current meta Legend League strats? This is your base!

      CC:2 Ice Golems and 20 Archers
      Base Link:


      INSANE INVIS VALUE RING BASE | Clash of Clans BASE LINK | Town Hall 15 Legends Pro Build

      ▶️ Ring Bases in general are tough to hit, but how much harder can a DOUBLE INVISIBILITY SPELL RING BASE be for players to manage. Will they succeed and execute well? CHECK IT OUT NOW and see how MUCH VALUE this Invisibility spell coverage is!

      CC:2 ice golems and 20 archers
      Base Link:


      STARs NEW TH15 ANTI-3 Base with LINK | Defend Top Players + Pros | Clash of Clans Town Hall 15

      💙 Stars' dominated Legend League last season partly in thanks to this awesome Anti-3 Base!

      ⭐ Grab theSTARs Base Packand get awesome defenses like STARs.

      Base Link:


      STARs NEW TH15 Ring Base LINK is OP | Defend Top Players + Pros | Clash of Clans Town Hall 15

      💙 Stars' dominated Legend League last season partly in thanks to this awesome Ring Base!

      ⭐ Grab theSTARs Base Packand get awesome defenses like STARs.

      Base Link:


      STARs TOXIC New Base After Update is UNBEATABLE | TH15 Legends Base Link | Clash of Clans

      💙 Today enjoy 3 replays of Stars' defense in the June season. He got a great finish despite the Blizzard Lalo nerf and that's thanks to his OP double rage box base that defends everyone and anything.

      ⭐ Grab the STARs Base Pack and get awesome defenses like STARs.

      CC: 50 Archers
      Base Link:


      NEW Diamond Base Stops EVERYTHING! Legends League is EASY with this | Clash of Clans TH15 Base Link

      Today see an INSANE new legends league base that you can use in action! Is there any army that can topple this?

      🎁 Diamond Base Link:


      Unique TH15 BOX Base Explained in Detail by the PRO Builder GHOST | CoC Layout with LINK & REPLAYS

      In this video, "GHOST" shares an excellent two-raged towers base he built fantastically against various spam armies! We look at different Super Archer Blimp entries Zap E-Titans and E-Drags spams, and how effective this th15 base layout is for the actual meta!

      Base Link:

      🎯 Grab hereGhost's Base Building Master Class!


      TH15 BOX BASES Used by Stars to Achieve #2 in the WORLD! Clash of Clans Base Links

      In today's video, we analyze two of the bases Stars used in April to rise to the top of Legends League, earning himself a number 2 finish well above 6000 trophies!

      Base Link #1:
      Base Link #2:

      🎯Need Help by our Team?Stars Legend Base Pack


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      Copied the bases? Hold on! These are definitely some of the Best TH15 Legends League Bases but you should also know that these bases will get popular and be copied by many players. So, do you want to use bases that are also used by many other people or do you want a unique TH15 Base as per your needs?

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      The Best TH15 Legend Bases in Action ⚒️ Pick Your Favorite (2)


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      The Best TH15 Legend Bases in Action ⚒️ Pick Your Favorite (2024)


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