Who is Not a Candidate for Teeth Whitening? - Old Milton Dental | Alpharetta, GA (2024)

Who is Not a Candidate for Teeth Whitening? - Old Milton Dental | Alpharetta, GA (1)

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Teeth whitening can eradicate discolorations and stains and brighten your smile by several shades. If you drink a lot of tea, coffee, cola or red wine, or if you smoke cigarettes, then you may have what are called “lifestyle stains.” Medications containing tetracycline can also stain your teeth, and aging can lead to thinning enamel. If you are considering teeth whitening and want to find out whether you are, or are not, a candidate for teeth whitening, read on.

Good Candidates

Those with few or no fillings are most likely to benefit from teeth whitening. Healthy gums are also a pre-requisite for teeth whitening treatments – no responsible dentist will do a whitening treatment on a patient who has gum disease.

Poor Candidates

There are some circ*mstances that can make whitening treatments less successful. In some instances, you will not be a candidate for teeth whitening at all.

If you are younger than 16, you are not a candidate for teeth whitening. This is because the pulp chamber in young teeth is larger than that of an adult, and whitening treatments could cause irritation.

If you are pregnant or lactating, teeth whitening is not recommended.

  • Allergies and Sensitivities

If you have sensitive teeth, you should let your dentist know. You may not be a candidate for teeth whitening. If you are allergic to peroxide, you will not be able to have your teeth whitened, since peroxide is the active ingredient in whitening systems.

  • Multiple Restorations

If you have a lot of fillings, dental bonding or crowns, you may not be a candidate for dental whitening. This is because restorations will not respond to whitening, and a whitening treatment could result in a very uneven appearance. If you have yet to have restorations done, and are considering whitening, you should have the whitening treatment before the restoration.

As a final word, before considering a whitening treatment, you should be sure that you have realistic expectations. Of course expecting too much from the treatment will not preclude you from having it, but keep in mind that your teeth will not usually end up being super-white. You can, however, expect that they will be much whiter than they were before the treatment.

Contact Us

At Old Milton Dental, we can help you determine if you are not a candidate for teeth whitening. Most people are. Call us at 678-624-0370, or use the form on our Contact Us page to request a treatment. Our office is at 4165 Old Milton Parkway, Alpharetta, GA 30005. Let’s get to work on your smile!

Who is Not a Candidate for Teeth Whitening? - Old Milton Dental | Alpharetta, GA (2)

  • 2023-08-03

    Today was my first visit at this Dentistry after going to another for almost all my life. And i am very happy i came here. Carrie was the absolute nicest…

    Renzo Taza

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    This Old Milton dental is really good from Doctors and Support staff perspective. If your insurance is in network.

    Krishna M Y

  • Thorough, engaging

    Marsha Burman

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    My first visit with the office was nothing short of amazing. The front desk was super nice.

    Nia Johnson

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    I can tell you that I was extremely happy when I visited their office. Simply said, they really care about their patients. Happy Holidays!

    Jerry Petrotto

  • 2022-08-15

    Today (8/15/22) was my first visit at Old Milton Dental and based on my visit today, color me impressed. Why does this matter, you ask?

    Nick Jordan

  • 2022-08-01

    Very good dental office!

    Gail Lafleche

  • 2022-06-02

    My dental needs are huge, but Dr. Mazer and his assistants hit a home run every time I am there.

    Sandra Keown

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Who is Not a Candidate for Teeth Whitening? - Old Milton Dental | Alpharetta, GA (4)

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Who is Not a Candidate for Teeth Whitening? - Old Milton Dental | Alpharetta, GA (5)
Who is Not a Candidate for Teeth Whitening? - Old Milton Dental | Alpharetta, GA (6)
Who is Not a Candidate for Teeth Whitening? - Old Milton Dental | Alpharetta, GA (7)



Who is Not a Candidate for Teeth Whitening? - Old Milton Dental | Alpharetta, GA (2024)


Who is not eligible for teeth whitening? ›

Your dentist will advise you whether whitening is right for you. It may be that teeth whitening isn't suitable, for example if you have gum disease or crowns.

Who cannot get their teeth whitened? ›

People who have restorations such as fillings, implants, crowns and dental bridges. Children under 16 years of age. Patients with periodontal disease, tooth decay, cavities and exposed roots. People who are allergic to teeth bleaching whitening agents like peroxide.

Who is not a good candidate for teeth whitening? ›

Those who are suffering from periodontal disease, oral cancer, or who have enamel that is excessively worn down to not make good candidates for teeth whitening either. Most other patients should not have a problem.

What makes you ineligible for teeth whitening? ›

Not everyone is the right candidate for teeth whitening. For example, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should wait to get whitening. People who have dental bridges or crowns may want to talk to their dentist before considering whitening. Children should be at least 16 to get this type of treatment.

Why do dentists not recommend teeth whitening? ›

Tooth and gum sensitivity and pain

Store-bought products may contain abrasive substances like hydrogen peroxide, which can be effective if used minimally, but in large doses can cause erosion of teeth's enamel and shrinkage of the gums.

When should you not whiten your teeth? ›

Also keep in mind that these products are for natural teeth. You'll need to talk to your dentist about how to unify the color of your teeth if you have implants, crowns, bridges, or dentures. Teeth whitening treatments may not be right for you to try while you have active cavities or certain dental work in progress.

Can 70 year old teeth be whitened? ›

Teeth whitening treatments are for everyone – there's no age limit to having any kind of cosmetic dental treatments, so it doesn't matter if you're 26 or 62 or older, if you want whiter teeth, your age is not going to prevent it from happening.

Can everyone do teeth whitening? ›

Unfortunately, whitening doesn't work for everyone. For instance, yellow discoloration can typically be improved with whitening. However, brown or gray-toned teeth may not respond well or at all to whitening. Whitening also won't work if the discoloration was caused by medications or an injury.

What are the rules for teeth whitening? ›

You should not eat, drink or smoke whilst wearing the trays. The whitening process works at different rates for each individual, but most patients report that a noticeable effect after just four treatments. Sufficient gel is given for the initial process to work.

What are the guidelines for teeth whitening? ›

Prior to Treatment: Brush and floss just prior to bleaching your teeth. The whitening gel is the most effective with clean teeth. Try the trays in first without any bleach to check the fit and comfort. Make sure that the bleaching trays are clean and dry before applying the whitening gel.


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