The Best TH14 Attack Strategies in 2024 ▶️ Blueprint CoC (2024)

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Are you looking for the Best Attack Strategies for Town Hall 14 in Clash of Clans? Look no further than this Top 3 Attack Strategies guide and Learn how to execute them to Perfection.

We Introducethe Top 3 TH14Armiesin Clash of Clans

Are you ready to dominate the Clash of Clans battlefield with unbeatable attack strategies for Town Hall 14?

Look no further! We proudly present themeticulously curated Top 3 Attack Strategies guide, where you'll learn how to execute them to perfection.

Unveiling the Best CoC TH14 Attack Strategies in 2024

Prepare to witness the pinnacle of Clash of Clans mastery as we bring you the best of the best attack strategies for Town Hall 14.

In this condensed guide explained by the esteemed caster, Hooked, you'll uncover the top three attack strategies that will revolutionize your gameplay.

Master the Art of Attacking at Town Hall 14

Our goal is to showcase a diverse range of top-tier strategies and provide you with invaluable insights on executing them flawlessly.

Settle in, grab your notepad, and prepare to learn from our expert. Through in-depth explanations, you'll gain a profound understanding of each army, including optimal usage and the most devastating attacks.

To further enhance your journey, we've thoughtfully included links to the best army compositions for each strategy, empowering you to become a true master of these attacks.

Don't miss out on these game-changing TH14 attack strategies - the secrets await!

Beyond the Best Clash of Clans TH14 Strategies

Our dedication doesn't stop at presenting the best attack strategy. We aim to go beyond by providing insightful commentary and entertainment value for our viewers. Prepare for a captivating experience that will not only elevate your gameplay but also keep you engaged and entertained.

The time has come to ascend to the pinnacle of Clash of Clans greatness. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tactics needed to conquer your adversaries at Town Hall 14.

Join us on this extraordinary journey as we unveil the ultimate TH14 attack strategies of 2024. Your path to victory starts here.


    Top 3 Best Town Hall 14 Armies with Links ▶️ Blueprint CoC

    Are you ready to conquer Clash of Clans Town Hall 14 battles like never before? Look no further! In this video, we bring you the most powerful and efficient attack strategies explained by Hooked himself. Get ready to master the art of 3-star victories with these unbeatable TH14 armies.

    Best TH14 ATTACK Strategies in CoC 2024 | EASIEST Town Hall 14 ARMY with LINKS

    ▶️ Today Hooked will reveal the top 3 attack strategies at Town Hall 14. These include Queen Charge Lalo, Queen Charge Hybrid and Zap Super Witches.

    1. Queen Charge Hybrid:

    Queen charge hybrid stands as a beacon of versatility and power in the realm of Town Hall 14 attacks. At its core lies the delicate art of the queen charge—a maneuver that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. While the standard approach involves charging the town hall head-on, seasoned Clashers know that adaptability is key. Sometimes, it's wiser to divert your queen's attention to a nearby compartment, especially when faced with formidable defenses around the town hall.

    Spell management is the linchpin of success in this strategy. With only a handful of spells at your disposal, every choice matters. Prioritize rage spells to bolster your queen's assault, but don't overlook the importance of healing spells to keep your hybrid troops in the fight. And let's not forget the hero equipment—opt for the gauntlet if you have it, as it synergizes perfectly with the queen charge approach, providing invaluable support to your royal highness.

    CC:9 Hogs, 1 Rage + 1 Poison, 1 Flame Flinger

    QC Hybrid Army Link:

    1. Super Witches:

    Prepare to witness the unstoppable might of super witches as they march across the battlefield, leaving destruction in their wake. These hulking brutes boast unparalleled hit points, making them a force to be reckoned with at Town Hall 14. But here's the secret sauce: lightning spells. Yes, you heard that right. Lightning spells are the unsung heroes of this strategy, clearing the path for your super witches by neutralizing pesky defenses.

    However, there's a twist—always bring a max lightning spell in the clan castle. Why, you ask? Simple. It saves precious spell slots, allowing you to unleash maximum devastation with minimal resources. Pair this with a well-executed warden walk and strategic troop deployment, and you'll watch in awe as your super witches bulldoze through even the most powerful bases.

    CC:2 Yetis + 1 Rocket Loon + 1 Barb, 1 Rage + 1 Zap & 1 Flame Flinger

    Super Witches Army Link:

    1. Queen ChargeLalo:

    Enter the arena of Queen charge Lalo—a strategy that demands finesse, precision, and a touch of daring. At its core lies the intricate dance of funneling, as you guide your queen towards the heart of the enemy stronghold. It's a delicate balance of patience and aggression, requiring careful planning to overcome the myriad obstacles in your path.

    But fear not, brave Clashers, for victory awaits those who dare to master this technique. With the right combination of funneling troops and spell support, you'll pave the way for your Lava Hound and balloons to wreak havoc upon the enemy defenses. And while the learning curve may be steep, the rewards are well worth the effort. So, hone your skills, refine your strategy, and prepare to unleash the full might of Queen charge L upon your foes.

    CC:2 Yeti + 1 Rocket Loon + 1 Barb, 1 Rage + 1 Poison, 1 Flame Flinger

    QC Lalo Army Link:


    In conclusion, these are the three best attack strategies you need to use at Town Hall 14 in Clash of Clans in 2024. Whether you choose the Queen Charge Hybrid, Zap Super Witches or Queen Charge Lalo, you can easily three-star most bases. Just be sure to practice your attacks and adjust your strategies based on the base layout and defenses.

    To help you master these attack strategies, we have provided links to some of the best TH14 army compositions that you can use. With these army compositions and the right strategy, you can become a formidable opponent in Clash of Clans.


    And What About Defense?TH14 Base Layouts

    While mastering attack strategies is essential in Clash of Clans, a strong defense is equally crucial for success in clan war league, regular wars, and trophy pushing. At Blueprint CoC, we understand the importance of having theright base at the right time.

    Focus on the Attacks and 3 Stars and LetUs Defend for You!

    When it comes to competitive play, such as CWL, wars, and trophy pushing, every defense matters. Your TH14 base must strike a delicate balance and be built for the each concrete situation. Is for that reason that we havecollected theTop 30Blueprint CoCTH14 Base Layouts with the Links included and totally for free so you don't need to worry about updating your layouts from sites you don't trust.Of course having a new base that no one have seen before should be the way to go for every serious Clash of Clans player. But if you can't afford even our base packs, this is the best option you will ever find, some of the best preforming TH14 Bases for war, cwl, and trophy pushing.

    Blueprint CoC TH14 Custom Baseand TH14 Pro Base Pack

    For those seeking an unparalleled advantage,Blueprint CoCoffers two exceptional services: TH14 Custom Pro Base and TH14 Pro Base Pack. Our TH14 Custom Base service provides you with a tailor-made base design meticulously crafted to suit your playstyle and objectives. Our team of expert base builders will analyze your strengths, weaknesses, and goals to create a base that maximizes defense efficiency and minimizes vulnerabilities.

    If you're looking for an instant Clash of Clans Base Link, our TH14 Pro Base Pack is the answer. This exclusive pack features a collection of battle-tested base layouts designed specifically for TH14. Created by our seasoned base-building team, these layouts have withstood the toughest attacks and emerged victorious. With our Pro Base Packs, you can fortify your defenses with confidence, knowing that you possess an arsenal of unbeatable base designs.

    Become an elite TH14Clash of Clans Player

    Whether you choose our TH14 Custom Base service or opt for the TH14 Pro Base Pack, Blueprint CoCis here to empower you on your path to victory. Join the ranks of the elite and experience the unrivaled strength and security of a meticulously crafted TH14 base. Your base slot on your villageawaits!


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    The Best TH14 Attack Strategies in 2024 ▶️ Blueprint CoC (2024)


    How much time to max th14? ›

    Overall Upgrade Costs and Durations
    Builder Time7mo 13d 20h
    Lab Time9mo 22d 12h
    Pet Time6mo 16d 0h

    What is the most used attack strategy in Clash of Clans? ›

    Mass Dragon is the most well-known offensive method in Clash of Clans. This approach is extremely beneficial in Town Hall 10 and may be used in multiplayer battles and clan war attacks as well. The attack works best against bases with weak-level air defenses and air sweepers.

    What are the best troops to have in clan castle for attack? ›

    Valkyries are good troops to have in your clan castle. Because they do splash damage, they can effectively attack many troops. There health is also medium-leveled. However, since they are close-range attackers, they need to get close to their enemies when attacking, which can take time.

    What is the most useful defense in Clash of Clans? ›

    For a defensive-minded player, focus your resources on your Clan Castle, towers, walls, storage, and mining structures before your army. Focus on upgrading your walls first. Walls are the most expensive buildings to upgrade but provide the best defense against all ground troops.

    What is the max level for the Royal Champion at TH14? ›

    Although the Altar itself can not be upgraded, the Royal Champion can be upgraded to level 30.

    What is the longest single upgrade in Clash of Clans? ›

    At Town Hall 15, the longest upgrade goes to the Giga Inferno, which takes a substantial amount of time to reach its peak strength. This mega upgrade clocks in at a whopping 20 days!

    What should I max first in builder base? ›

    (1) Your collectors in general. Always prioritize upgrading these once you build your new buildings. (2) Your Storages. Only upgrade your Gold Storage enough to store loot to upgrade Builder Hall, and only upgrade your Elixir Storage enough to store loot to upgrade your Gold Storages.

    How long does it take to upgrade from TH14 to th15? ›

    Town Hall 14 Full Details930.91M 166.4M 7mo 29d931.81M 477.6M 1.8B 12.4M 9mo 22d
    Town Hall 15 Full Details1.37B 276.5M 660K 9mo 8d1.37B 855.9M 2.6B 23.05M 1y 3mo 13d
    Overall Total3.56B 681.4M 660K 2y 3mo 1d3.56B 2.16B 5.9B 50.97M 3y 5mo 12d
    2 more rows

    What does pekka stand for? ›

    The name "Perfectly Enraged Knight Killer of Assassins" was the winner. The person who submitted the acronym was called Víctor in the Facebook announcement.

    How to improve coc attack? ›

    To successfully neutralize these forces, players can incorporate troops like Baby Dragons, Dragons, Valkyries, Archers, and more into their attack strategy. By doing so, they can create a clear path for their hogs to charge through and wreak havoc on the opponent's base.

    What is the best attack in builders base? ›

    Drop Ships and Minions
    • Deploy Drop Ships on the outskirts of the base to clear away high HP buildings and open up walls.
    • Surround the base with Archers to eliminate free buildings.
    • Use Minions strategically to create a path for your forces to infiltrate the base.
    Nov 13, 2023

    How to queen charge LaLo TH14? ›

    TH 14: Queen Charge LaLo
    1. Army Composition. Main Army. ...
    2. Step 1: Take Out Heroes and Clan Castle Troops. On this attack, the Clan Castle is at the top side, so lure them out with some Wizards. ...
    3. Step 3: Balloons. The main attack starts now with the Ballons. ...
    4. Step 4: Battle Blimp. ...
    5. Step 5: 100%
    Jun 10, 2021

    What is hydra in coc? ›

    The Hydra is a Clan Boss fight available only to Clan Members. The Hydra can be found on the Clan Bosses Map after selecting the “Clan Bosses” Game Mode. Note: The Hydra unlocks at Level 45. If you join a new Clan after leaving another, you must wait 6 hours before you are able to fight the Hydra again.


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