The best places to eat along Orlando's 'Restaurant Row' (2024)

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There's a reason a certain stretch of Sand Lake Road is nicknamed "Restaurant Row." This patch of real estate is filled with more than a handful of the area's best eateries that attract both tourists and locals alike. From franchised spots, to one-of-a-kind Central Florida fare, the options are limitless both for your stomach and pockets. Here's how to tackle one of the Orlando area's best foodie hotspots.


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The best places to eat along Orlando's 'Restaurant Row' (1)

Kokino Tapas and co*cktails

7705 Turkey Lake Rd., 407-270-9199,
This American-style tapas joint highlights freshness from their ingredients to their uniquely presented meats like their spicy tuna that’s stuffed in a waffle cone. Small plates not your thing? Don’t fret, make way for their brunch menu that changes just as much as the Orlando weather.
Photo via Kokino Tapas and co*cktails/Website

The best places to eat along Orlando's 'Restaurant Row' (2)

Rocco's Tacos and Tequila Bar

7468 W. Sand Lake Rd., 407-226-0550,
This Mexican cocina brings everything we love about Mexico right to the heart of Central Florida with their 425 varieties of tequila and Mexican delicacies. Get your guacamole made tableside for a nice little avocado-filled treat or order some tacos, enchiladas, tortas and much much more.
Photo via Rocco’s Tacos and Tequila Bar/Facebook

The best places to eat along Orlando's 'Restaurant Row' (3)


7730 W. Sand Lake Rd., 407-930-0402,
The authentic taste of Southern Indian and Indo Chinese cuisine shines bright here. This is not your typical Asian hawker joint, this place delivers elegant cultural street food on a platter.
Photo via Rob Bartlett

The best places to eat along Orlando's 'Restaurant Row' (4)

Bosphorous Turkish Cuisine

7600 Dr. Phillips Blvd. Suite 108, 407-352-6766,
This family-owned joint is dishing up authentic Turkish food in the Central Florida area where customers are carried on a boat in the center of Istanbul. Homemade hummus and hand-carved lamb shish kebabs are among the delicious options here.
Photo via w_johnson66/Instagram

The best places to eat along Orlando's 'Restaurant Row' (5)


7786 Sand Lake Rd., 407-370-0007,
Amura is a place that entertains with not only their hibachi grill, but also with the artistic design of their sushi. This place offers a variety of co*cktails and sakes that come in different flavors, like their coconut infused sake.
Photo via thesuekim/Insatgram

The best places to eat along Orlando's 'Restaurant Row' (6)

Cedar’s Restaurant

7732 W. Sand Lake Rd., 407-351-6000,
This Lebanese-inspired restaurant shows their culture both through the food and live music. Their menu features traditional Lebanon cuisine from their appetizers, like Baba Ghanouj, and Kafta kabobs.
Photo via youngbubbecooks/Instagram

The best places to eat along Orlando's 'Restaurant Row' (7)

The Pharmacy

8060 Via Dellagio Way, 407-985-2972,
At this speakeasy-style restaurant, co*cktails are known as “Elixirs,” food as “Prescriptions” and chefs as “Pharmacists.” The pharmacist here prescribe their beaker filled with gremolata french fries with a side of spicy mayo and done up ketchup.
Photo via Rob Bartlett

The best places to eat along Orlando's 'Restaurant Row' (8)

Dragonfly Robata Grill and Sushi

7972 Via Dellagio Way, 407-370-3359,
With fish flown in from Japan and fresh produce from the farm, you know you are in for a treat. This restaurant specializes in Japanese robatayaki, a similar method to barbeque, in which food on skewers is slowly grilled over the fire.
Photo via Dragonfly Robata Grill and Sushi/Facebook

The best places to eat along Orlando's 'Restaurant Row' (9)

The Melting Pot

7549 W. Sand Lake Rd., 407-903-1100,
Native to Florida, this franchise is offering fondue galore with many melted options to dip and spin your ingredients in. They’re serving up a variety of melted goodness with cheese fondues from cheddar to bacon brie, to their dessert chocolate fondues like their white chocolate creme brulee.
Photo via The Melting Pot/Instagram

The best places to eat along Orlando's 'Restaurant Row' (10)

Eddie V’s Prime Seafood

7488 W. Sand Lake Rd., 407-355-3011,
Seafood is their speciality, with fish arriving daily from coastlines around the world. Their steaks receive the same amount of attention with their proteins aged for more than 28 days.
Photo via Eddie V’s Prime Seafood/Instagram

The best places to eat along Orlando's 'Restaurant Row' (11)

Urbain 40

8000 Via Dellagio Way, 407-872-2640,
Urbain 40 is dishing up American and continental classics. This 1940s-style neighborhood eatery has flatbreads, pasta, diverse cuts of steak, and a happy hour for their plates and adult beverages.
Photo via Rob Bartlett

The best places to eat along Orlando's 'Restaurant Row' (12)

Ocean Prime

7339 W. Sand Lake Rd., 407-781-4880,
Matching the surf with the turf, Ocean Prime has a killer filet mignon and Kansas City strip that weighs in at a whopping 16 ounces. If you’re wanting to ride the wave, you also can try their beloved lobster tails and teriyaki salmon.
Photo via Ocean Prime/Instagram

The best places to eat along Orlando's 'Restaurant Row' (13)


7988 Via Dellagio Way, 407-903-1100,
This place features Southern Italian cuisine a little off the beaten path of Restaurant Row. The menu changes daily, but the pastas are always perfetto and pizzas are fit for any family feeding a village.
Photo via paulorbaroni/Instagram

The best places to eat along Orlando's 'Restaurant Row' (14)

Roy’s Restaurant

7760 W. Sand Lake Rd., 407-352-4844,
Roy Yamaguchi, a James Beard Award-winner, started the Roy’s franchise in 1988 in Honolulu, Hawaii. He brings his Hawaiian and Asian fusion to Central Florida with a taste of the sea. They offer signature sushi and premium sake all day long, and specials during their “Aloha Hour.”
Photo via Roy’s Restaurant/Instagram

The best places to eat along Orlando's 'Restaurant Row' (15)

Saffron Indian Cuisine

7724 Sand Lake Rd., 407-674-8899,
Saffron is providing Orlando folk with some authentic North Indian grub. Saffron plays as key ingredients in their rice dishes such as lamb biryani which is seasoned with saffron and other aromatic spices. This flavorful rice should always be on the table. If lamb isn’t your thing, then try the chicken, goat or vegetable option.
Photo via Saffron Indian Cuisine/Instagram

The best places to eat along Orlando's 'Restaurant Row' (16)

Seasons 52

7700 Sand Lake Rd., 407-354-5212,
Seasonally-inspired menus feature fresh ingredients based on when they’re in season. Their style is mixed with rustic cooking techniques that involves brick ovens and an open-fire grill. They serve up simple meals from flatbreads to exquisite dining options like Asian-glazed chilean sea bass.
Photo via Seasons 52/Instagram

The best places to eat along Orlando's 'Restaurant Row' (17)


8323 W. Sand Lake Rd., 407-500-7528,
With a menu that rotates regularly you will want to come in and grab a bite before your favorite disappears. But something you can look forward to is the grilled meats, fresh seafood, unique sandwiches and pastas, pizzas and in-house desserts.
Photo via Slate/Instagram

The best places to eat along Orlando's 'Restaurant Row' (18)

Vines Grille and Wine Bar

7533 W. Sand Lake Rd., 407-351-1227,
Make a reservation at this high-end spot, where the wine list is as extensive and unique as the food menu. Chef-composed meals make a debut on the menu, with their Chilean sea bass that comes with a saffron lobster risotto.
Photo via Vines Grille and Wine Bar/Facebook

The best places to eat along Orlando's 'Restaurant Row' (19)

The Whiskey

7563 W. Sand Lake Rd., 407-930-6519,
This whiskey menu is insane, with dozens of options that you can sample. Known for their gourmet burgers and sandwiches made with locally-sourced ingredients, this whiskey-inspired menu can satisfy any meat craving.
Photo via sowellspoken/Instagram

The best places to eat along Orlando's 'Restaurant Row' (20)

Chatham’s Place

7575 Dr. Phillips Blvd., 407-345-2992,
This elegant spot is offering organic dishes used with fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits straight from the chefs own garden. Chef Tony Lopez gives customers a seasonal experience that is driven by freshness like their variety of salads and vegetable filled sides menu. The live music played every night also is a nice touch to the atmosphere.
Photo via ambassadorsjourney/Instagram

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The best places to eat along Orlando's 'Restaurant Row' (2024)


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