Sensitive Teeth Symptoms & Causes | Bupa Dental Care UK (2024)

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Sensitive Teeth Symptoms & Causes | Bupa Dental Care UK (2024)


Sensitive Teeth Symptoms & Causes | Bupa Dental Care UK? ›

A range of factors can lead to tooth sensitivity, but there are two main underlying reasons: enamel loss and gum recession.

What is the most common cause of tooth sensitivity? ›

A range of factors can lead to tooth sensitivity, but there are two main underlying reasons: enamel loss and gum recession.

Are sensitive teeth a symptom of anything? ›

Sensitive teeth are typically the result of worn tooth enamel or exposed tooth roots. Sometimes, however, tooth discomfort is caused by other factors, such as a cavity, a cracked or chipped tooth, a worn filling, or gum disease.

What deficiency causes sensitive teeth? ›

It has been identified that some vitamin deficiencies can lead to sensitive teeth. Apparently, these vitamins include calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin B12. Calcium is a known vitamin that helps build bones. If the body lacks calcium, it will start to extract calcium from the bones and teeth, making them weaker.

What is the best desensitizing toothpaste? ›

Sensodyne Pronamel Gentle Whitening Toothpaste, Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Enamel Repair Toothpaste, Corsodyl Toothpaste for Receding Gums, and Crest Gum and Sensitivity All Day Protection Toothpaste are among the top choices for individuals with sensitive teeth.

Why would teeth suddenly become sensitive? ›

Tooth sensitivity, according to the American Dental Association, is caused by tooth decay, a cracked tooth, worn tooth enamel, worn fillings or tooth roots that are exposed as a result of aggressive tooth brushing, gum recession, or periodontal (gum) disease.

How do you stop sensitive teeth pain fast? ›

10 Easy Home Remedies to Get Relief from Sensitive Teeth
  1. Desensitizing Toothpaste. esensitizing toothpaste can help relieve pain and prevent it from traveling to your brain. ...
  2. Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash. ...
  3. Green Tea. ...
  4. Honey and Warm Water. ...
  5. Capsaicin. ...
  6. Turmeric. ...
  7. Saltwater Rinse. ...
  8. Vanilla Extract.
Sep 12, 2021

Can tooth sensitivity be cured? ›

Yes. In some cases, teeth sensitivity goes away on its own — especially if it's due to a recent dental procedure, such as a filling or root canal. If you have teeth sensitivity that lingers and doesn't go away, talk to a dentist. You might have worn enamel or exposed teeth roots.

Which medicine is best for sensitive teeth? ›

Sensitive Teeth Pain Relief – Top OTC Medications for Sensitive Teeth
  • SenzAway Tooth Desensitizing Gel. ...
  • DenTek Instant Pain Relief Maximum Strength. ...
  • Crest Pro-Health Sensi-Stop Tooth Sensitivity Relief Strips. ...
  • Orajel Instant Pain Relief Cream. ...
  • Zilactin-B Oral Pain Reliever.
Jan 3, 2018

How to rebuild tooth enamel? ›

Enamel can never 'regrow' per se because there are no living cells in the tooth enamel. Your best bet is to treat any existing problems from tooth decay and focus on better oral care and hygiene habits, which will preserve the enamel you have and prevent further deterioration.

What hormone causes teeth sensitivity? ›

Here's why: More female hormones (estrogen and progesterone) cause more blood to flow to your gums, which causes them to become more sensitive and “overreact” to anything that may irritate them.

What vitamins help with tooth sensitivity? ›

So if your teeth and gums are feeling extra sensitive lately, make sure you're getting enough vitamin A in your diet. For healthy gum tissue, you need plenty of vitamin A to maintain strong tissue. Your gums may become inflamed or swollen if they aren't getting the vitamin that they need.

Which is better Pronamel or Sensodyne? ›

Sensodyne is specifically made to help relieve* and protect against sensitivity. Pronamel may be right for you. Pronamel helps strengthen acid-weakened enamel* and helps protect it from the effects of acid erosion. You may not have sensitive teeth or enamel wear.

What toothpaste do dentists actually recommend? ›

Consumer Experience
CategoryToothpaste Product
Best for General UseCrest Pro-Health Toothpaste
Best for Sensitive TeethSensodyne ProNamel Toothpaste
Best for WhiteningTom's of Maine Simply White Natural Fluoride Toothpaste
Best for Natural PickThe Natural Dentist All In One SLS FREE Aloe Toothpaste
Nov 30, 2023

Is Sensodyne or Colgate sensitive better? ›

CONCLUSION: The study results support the following conclusions: (1) Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief toothpaste provides a significantly more reduction in dentin hypersensitivity than Sensodyne Rapid Relief and Crest fluoride toothpastes, instantly after a fingertip self-application and after 7 days of brushing; and (2) ...

Can tooth sensitivity come and go? ›

Ask Crystal Lake Dental Associates if our services are right for you. If hot, cold, sweet or very acidic foods and drinks, or breathing in cold air, makes your teeth painful, then you may have tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity can come and go over time.

What medication is good for tooth sensitivity? ›

Painkiller paracetamol: A pain reliever commonly used Currently, paracetamol helps to relieve tooth sensitivity quickly. Group of antibiotics and aspirin: has a faster pain-reducing effect than paracetamol, helping to kill bacteria that cause oral diseases. 2.3.

Why are my teeth hurting all of a sudden? ›

Common causes of tooth pain include decay, cavities, infection, fracture, trauma, abscesses and gum disease. It's important to consult with your dentist in order to determine the cause of your discomfort and receive appropriate treatment.

What foods cause teeth sensitivity? ›

Foods to avoid if you suffer from sensitive teeth include ice cream, sodas, red wine, juices, candies, coffee, fruits, yogurts, and even pickled products.


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