How to Whiten Teeth Instantly, According to Dentists (2024)

Though we try not to generalize, it's safe to say that everyone is interested in whiter teeth. As we all know, the best route to a sparkling, stain-free smile is a buttoned-down oral health routine—but if you want to know how to whiten your teeth instantly, keep reading. We asked two top cosmetic dentists to share how safe and realistic it is to try to whiten your teeth in one day, and offer up their best suggestions for how to achieve maximum whitening in 24 hours or less.

Meet the Expert

Chemical v. Mechanical Whitening

Cosmetic dentist Brian Harris explains that different types of whitening procedures treat different kinds of stains. "There's a difference between chemical teeth whitening and mechanical teeth whitening," he says. "Chemical teeth whitening uses chemicals to remove intrinsic stains and mechanical teeth whitening uses abrasives added to toothpaste to remove extrinsic stains. Intrinsic discoloration is caused by genetics, trauma or medication side effects. This refers to the actual internal color of the teeth, and these stains can only be brightened with chemical teeth whitening."

What Causes Stains?

The most common stains are a result of extrinsic discoloration, which Harris says most of us experience and is caused by things that stain the teeth, like coffee,tea, red wine, andsmoking."These kinds of stains are best treated with mechanical teeth whitening," he explains.

Byrdie Tip

After drinking coffee, rinse your mouth with water to prevent stains from setting in. Brush your teeth within 30 minutes.

Ultimately, it is possible to see results in one day with chemical teeth whitening options, although mechanical whitening takes, according to Harris, "patience and time."

The Best Whitening Agent

Cosmetic dentist Marc Lowenberg says that the most effective whitening agent is hydrogen peroxide. In-office whitening procedures like Zoom Advanced Power whitening can see immediate results because dentists use a 35% solution of hydrogen peroxide in conjunction with a "light source directly on the teeth to break up all the molecules that cause staining and discoloration," he explains. Over-the-counter methods, on the other hand, use "7-10% hydrogen peroxide or a derivative called carbamide peroxide. You might see instant results with this product, but they will be slight."

He explains that the longer the active peroxide stays on the teeth, the better the results. However, this doesn't mean you should keep products designed for at-home use on longer than directed. "Dentists take all the necessary precautions protecting the teeth and gums during in-office whitening," he says."OTC products require that you follow the directions exactly or you run the risk of causing damage to your gums."

Byrdie Tip

A mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide has been proven to work in some cases for instant results in a pinch. Combine two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide with one tablespoon of baking soda.Mix it until it becomes a paste and use it to brush your teeth. Leave it in place for three to five minutes and then brush your teeth and rinse out your mouth.

How Long Does It Take to Whiten Teeth?

The immediacy of results depends on what method you use to whiten your teeth. "Whitening toothpaste is going to take at least 30 days," says Harris. When choosing a good whitening toothpaste, Harris recommends choosing one with a "low RDA value (this measures how abrasive a product is).The key is to find one that is abrasive enough to remove stains but not so abrasive that it damages the enamel." We like Go Natural's Herbal Whitening Toothpaste ($8.)

Lowenberg says you can see noticeable results from strips or custom trays in five to 14 days. When it comes to achieving immediate results in one day, both cosmetic dentists recommend in-office procedures. Lowenberg says expect to spend 90 minutes in the chair for an in-office whitening procedure that provides an instant reduction of stains and discoloration.

The Best Teeth Whitening Methods

If you have afew days to work on your smile, Harris advises you to start with some whitening strips. "Within a couple days, you will start to see results," he says. Try trimming the strips to fit your mouth and be sure to keep the whitening agent away from gums, as it might cause irritation.

Byrdie Tip

If you start noticing translucent edges to the teeth or experience sensitivity on a regular basis, it's a sign you might be overdoing at-home whitening and should talk to your dentist STAT.

The one drawback to using strips, Harris says, is that they often don't cover the full "arch of teeth." But, it's a rather quick, safe option for whitening front teeth with ease. Byrdie editor-approved options include Burst Teeth Whitening Strips ($30) and GLO Science GLO Vials ($65.

Custom Whitening Trays

Custom whitening trays from your dentist are another great option if you have a week or so to see results. For about $250, the trays from your dental office allow you to whiten all surfaces of the teeth with a more powerful whitening gel, which usually gets more predictable results.

In-Office Treatments

To whiten teeth in one day, an in-office whitening treatment might be the best bet. Just beware of the sensitivity side effects. Harris adds that in-office, same-day systems like Zoom Advanced Power is highly effective for immediate results when dealing with stains caused by internal discoloration. The process costs about $500 and "often comes with extreme tooth sensitivity after the process," he warns. "It is great for those that just don’t have the time or patience for at-home whitening strips or custom trays."

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How to Whiten Teeth Instantly, According to Dentists (2024)


How to Whiten Teeth Instantly, According to Dentists? ›

To whiten teeth in one day, an in-office whitening treatment might be the best bet. Just beware of the sensitivity side effects. Harris adds that in-office, same-day systems like Zoom Advanced Power is highly effective for immediate results when dealing with stains caused by internal discoloration.

Can dentists instantly whiten teeth? ›

The fastest way to whiten your teeth is through a professional smile whitening treatment with your dentist. Professional whitening treatments are fast and efficient, so much so that you can see results after one hour-long appointment.

How can I whiten my teeth immediately? ›

10 Ways to Whiten Teeth in a Day and Keep Healthy Gums
  1. Brush with Baking Soda. ...
  2. Use Hydrogen Peroxide. ...
  3. Use Apple Cider Vinegar. ...
  4. Activated Charcoal. ...
  5. Powdered milk and toothpaste. ...
  6. Coconut Oil Pulling with Baking soda. ...
  7. Essential Oils Whitening Toothpaste. ...
  8. Turmeric Whitening Toothpaste.
Mar 27, 2019

What do dentists recommend to whiten teeth? ›

Carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide are commonly used in whitening interventions and can readily permeate dental hard tissues.

What is the fastest teeth whitening method? ›

For most people, Zoom! laser teeth whitening is the safest, quickest, and most effective option among the types of teeth-whitening treatments available.

Is 6% hydrogen peroxide safe for teeth whitening? ›

Choose the right concentration: A low concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide (around 3% to 6%) is safe to use for teeth whitening usually without any side effects. Hydrogen Peroxide can produce certain side effects like gum or tooth sensitivity if used often in high concentration.

How to get white teeth in 1 day with baking soda? ›

To try this method, mix 2 parts of baking soda with 1 part of 1% to 3% hydrogen peroxide to form a paste. Brush your teeth with the mixture for 1 to 2 minutes, then rinse with water. Make sure you use hydrogen peroxide with a concentration of 3% or less. Brush with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda once a week at most.

What is the fastest home remedy to whiten your teeth? ›

Combine about two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide with one tablespoon of baking soda. Stir it into a paste and start brushing. Let the paste stand about a minute and then rinse thoroughly with water. It is safe to use this teeth whitening home remedy 2 or 3 times a week.

How to get rid of yellow teeth overnight? ›

No treatment can whiten teeth overnight, but some options are faster than others. Natural or over-the-counter treatment may take longer than treatments at the dentist's office. Even in the latter case, whitening is likely to require several treatment sessions of several hours each.

Can old yellow teeth be whitened? ›

It's natural for teeth to appear darker as they age, but a bleaching product with hydrogen peroxide or urea peroxide can help turn back the clock – and a whitening toothpaste is an easy way to get a jump-start.

What is the least damaging way to whiten your teeth? ›

Overuse or misuse of teeth-whitening products can cause sensitivity, gum irritation, and other side effects. Custom-fitted trays and in-office treatments are the safest and most effective ways to whiten teeth. ADA-approved over-the-counter toothpastes, gels, and strips are more affordable and convenient options.

What at home teeth whitening actually works? ›

. Our Top Picks:
  • Crest 3D Whitestrips Professional Effects Whitening Strips. $46. ...
  • Twice Teeth Whitening Strips. $36. ...
  • Opalescence Go 15% Kit. $84. ...
  • MOON Oral Beauty Smile Perfector Duo. ...
  • Supersmile 6 Minutes To A Whiter Smile Kit. ...
  • SmileDirectClub Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light. ...
  • GLO Science Advanced Brilliant Whitening Tech Kit.
Apr 12, 2024

How to permanently whiten teeth? ›

One of the most effective ways to whiten teeth permanently is through professional teeth whitening procedures performed by a dentist. These treatments use potent bleaching agents that penetrate deep into the enamel, breaking down stains and discoloration.

How can I make my teeth super white fast? ›

Seven Ways to Naturally Whiten Teeth
  1. Eat Strawberries. One of the simplest ways to naturally whiten your teeth is just by eating strawberries. ...
  2. Eat Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables. ...
  3. Brush After You Eat or Drink. ...
  4. Rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar. ...
  5. Apply Coconut Oil. ...
  6. Brush Your Tongue. ...
  7. Use Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide.

How can I get 100% white teeth? ›

There are several methods to make teeth whiter, including:
  1. Brushing regularly.
  2. Using whitening products at home.
  3. Avoiding things that stain teeth.
  4. Getting professional teeth whitening.
  5. Opting for veneers.

How to make teeth whiter in 3 minutes without hydrogen peroxide? ›

Rub banana, orange, or lemon peels:

To perform this “trick,” take a banana, orange, or lemon peel and gently rub it on your teeth. Keep rubbing it for about 2 minutes, then thoroughly wash your mouth and brush your teeth. The peels of these fruits contain citric acid, which theoretically helps in teeth whitening.

How fast can a dentist whiten your teeth? ›

Most of the time, we can complete in-office teeth whitening within an hour or two. In some cases, the patient may need a follow-up treatment. It is also important for a patient to understand the process of whitening teeth and why a professional whitening is much more effective than at-home remedies.

Can dentist whiten teeth in one day? ›

Wondering if teeth whitening in one day is even possible? Yes, it is!

How long does teeth whitening take a dentist? ›

How long does whitening take? If you opt for in-practice teeth whitening, it takes about two hours to achieve results, but whitening needs to be maintained with a top-up kit for around a week to ensure the results are permanent. At-home teeth whitening kits take around two to three weeks to take effect.

Can you get instant teeth whitening? ›

Instant Teeth Whitening Treatments With Your Dentist

Each visit can take 30 to 90 minutes, depending on what your dentist thinks is best. According to the NHS, your dentist may use light- or laser-activated teeth bleaching, which takes only around one hour.


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