High Protein Chia Pudding (2024)

DISCLAIMER: This post was developed in a sponsored partnership with Inspired Organics however, as always, all opinions are genuine.

A high protein, high fiber breakfast or snack that takes only 2 minutes to put together! This protein chia pudding is the meal prep recipe your life is missing!

Why This Recipe Works

Chia seeds are such a powerhouse when it comes to nutrition. They’ve got protein, fiber and a dose of omega 3 fatty acids. But what really makes them magical in this protein chia pudding recipe is how they gel. They go from small, dry specks floating around to a *poof* a thick pudding-like consistency! It’s crazy!

High Protein Chia Pudding (1)

(Ps. Checkout my recipe for 2 ingredient blueberry jam that also showcases the geling wonder of chia seeds!)

I like to add an extra protein punch to my chia pudding by adding a scoop of protein powder. This helps me to stay full and satisfied longer- ‘cause ain’t nobody got time for hanger am I right?! Plus, depending what protein powder you use you can easily not only change the flavor of this protein chia pudding but also make it vegan friendly when you also use plant based protein powder and milk.

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Chia protein pudding is a great recipe to prepare as part of your meal planning at the beginning of the week and to have on hand for grab-and-go breakfasts or easy snacking!

Ingredients Needed

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  • Protein Powder. You can use whatever protein powder you like. Both plant based and whey protein powders will work! Any flavor will also work, I’ve used vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry- all were fabulous!
  • Maple Syrup. A high quality, super flavorful maple syrup is key for adding SO much flavor! I like to use Inspired Organics maple syrup. It’s so flavorful that a little goes a long way!
  • Chia Seeds. I also used Inspired Organics chia seeds. They’re my go-to for nuts and seeds as well.
  • Milk. You can use plant based milk if you prefer. I used whole milk. (Be sure to check out my guide to dairy VS plant based milks here!

Inspired Organics is a fabulous Michigan brand (where I’m from!) that offers organic products at a super affordable price. You can find them at independent retailers throughout the midwest and down through the southeast – checkout the Inspired Organics website for their store locator to find some near you!

PS. If you’re curious about organic VS non-organic food and want to learn more about the true difference (i.e. is it worth it?) I’ve got a blog post that breaks down the difference for you! Read more about organic VS non-organic foods here!

How To Make This Recipe

In a ~1 cup container, bowl or jar combine the chia seeds, milk, protein powder, maple syrup and vanilla.

Mix this up well.

Cover your container/bowl/jar and place in the fridge for at least 2 hours (ideally overnight!)
Once your chia pudding has “gelled” and thickened into a pudding-like consistency top with fruit, nuts, nut butter or any other toppings you like and enjoy! (Inspired Organics has a delicious fruit and nut mix that I used and their coconut chips are my JAM!)

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High Protein Chia Pudding (5)

Recipe FAQs

How much protein does chia pudding have?

This recipe for high protein chia seed pudding has a whopping 35g of protein! That paired with the 13g of fiber is really what helps this recipe keep you feeling full for hours!

Do chia seeds make you poop?

Chia seeds can help you stay regular in the bathroom due to their fiber content. Might seem like a funny question, but as a Registered Dietitian everyone asks me questions about their bowels! And I’m totally here for it.

How long does this recipe stay good for?

If you’re prepping this recipe as part of meal prep you can make it and it will stay fresh for ~5 days. After that it gets a little go gelled for my taste, but adding a touch of milk would likely thin it out.

Expert Tips

  • When you’re measuring anything sticky, like maple syrup, first spray the measuring spoon or cup with non-stick spray. Your sticky ingredient will slide right out! This helps to make sure your recipe actually gets the appropriate amount it needs!
  • You could also add other extracts to this recipe! I also love using almond extract in place of the vanilla. You could even do a mint extract with a vanilla protein powder! Get creative =)

If you love this recipe, be sure to leave a star rating on the recipe card and leave a comment below!

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High Protein Chia Pudding (10)



  • 3 tbsp chia Seeds
  • ½ cup milk
  • 1 Scoop protein Powder
  • 1 tbsp Maple Syrup
  • ½ tsp vanilla

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Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts

High Protein Chia Pudding

Serving Size

1 g

Amount per Serving



% Daily Value*






Polyunsaturated Fat

































* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

High Protein Chia Pudding (2024)


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