6 NYC Barbershops & Salons Guys Should Know % % (2024)

Need to find a great barber in NYC? Any of these six fantastic shops will serve you well.

6 NYC Barbershops & Salons Guys Should Know % % (1)

It’s a blessing and a curse that New York City has no shortage of places to get your hair cut. There’s an abundance of everything from upscale salons to no-frills Dominican barbershops.

However, you can easily get decision paralysis just from browsing the hundreds of options on Yelp. It’s also hard to know which shops are the best, and you probably don’t want to visit tons of barbershops until you find the right one.

Pricing complicates things as well — lots of places charge top dollar, but are they actually worth it, or are you overpaying?

If you’re looking to change things up with a quiff hairstyle or short haircuts for men, I’ve made it easier for you. I’ve narrowed it down to 6 of the absolute best barbershops and salons in the NYC area.

Whether you’re a local looking for a new spot or a tourist who wants to experience the best haircut the Big Apple has to offer, you’ll find something here that suits your needs.

The 6 Best Barbershops & Salons in New York City

Here are my picks in alphabetical order:

Blind Barber

Blind Barber started in 2010 as a 2-chair barbershop in the East Village, and it quickly set itself apart by providing each customer with a co*cktail, beer, or wine from its back room.

If you’re looking to get a retro 50s hairstyle, Blind Barber has a vintage style to match.

Even though the brand has expanded across the country, you can still visit that same East Village location and grab a drink with your cut. Blind Barber offers haircuts, beard trims, skin treatments, and shaves, all of which will run you $60 a pop (with slightly discounted pairings available).

The lounge opens in the evenings, so if you’ve ever wanted to hit up a bar right after a haircut, Blind Barber is the place for you. Blind Barber also has a second NYC location in the Moxy Hotel in Times Square.

Fellow Barber

When Fellow Barber opened in 2006, men had far fewer options for haircuts in NYC. You could either spend an arm and a leg at a salon or pick a barbershop at random without knowing what you’d get.

Fellow was one of the first shops to promote the barbering culture we have today. Its prioritization of training and quality helped it not only expand across both coasts but also develop its acclaimed grooming line.

Today, you can go to any one of Fellow’s six NYC locations and get a high-quality haircut from a well-trained barber. It’s a great place to ask for a mid-length men’s hairstyle if you want to try something new.

Prices range from $26 for a simple one-clip buzz to over $100 for all-out facial and haircut packages. Fellow also offers the “Pay What You Can Haircut” — a classic short-on-sides-and-long-on-top, zero-fade style haircut performed by Junior Barber—for those experiencing financial troubles.

Martial Vivot Salon Pour Hommes

If you’re after the best haircut New York City has to offer, pay a visit to Martial Vivot. Vivot’s texture-first approach, inimitable style, and careful attention to detail have earned him a reputation as the best men’s stylist in the city.

The renowned French stylist has massively influenced men’s grooming over the last few decades, so it’s no surprise that he cuts the hair of some of the most powerful men in NYC. Vivot owns two Martial Vivot Salon Pour Hommes locations, both of which are upscale, masculine paradises.

A cut by the master himself is $420, but you can get more affordable (but still premium) cuts from other stylists working under Vivot’s mentorship. While you probably won’t be heading here for every haircut, splurging on a Martial Vivot cut now and then isn’t a bad idea.


Mildred isn’t your average barbershop. This Lower East Side joint was founded by a trio of former Blind Barber coiffeurs with the goal of opening a barbershop that didn’t feel like a guys’ locker room.

The minimalistic interior — complete with plants and exposed brick — might resemble a third-wave coffee shop but don’t expect any snobbery here. With its welcoming atmosphere and focus on community, Mildred is inviting instead of intimidating.

You can grab a haircut here for $60. (Currently, Mildred doesn’t list any shaving services).

Takamichi Hair

If you prefer a salon setting to a barbershop, then you should know about Takamichi Hair.

Founded in 2000 by stylist Takamichi Saeki, Takamichi Hair has drawn countless high-profile guests looking for stylish yet natural cuts.

What’s especially noteworthy about Takamichi is that the stylists employ a signature technique developed by Saeki. This method “allows hair to grow into the cut” for longer-lasting looks that don’t require high maintenance or urgent follow-up trims.

A cut by Takamichi himself is $300, while senior and junior stylists are considerably cheaper ($165+ and $120, respectively).

Zephyr Elliot

In several ways, Zephyr Elliot is the exact opposite of most barbershops.

Founded by two women, its Midtown interior resembles a modern city apartment, and its stylists use scissors only. And these differences are why Zephyr Elliot is one of the most noteworthy men’s salons in the city.

The Zephyr team’s focus on imbuing each cut with texture and movement means you won’t risk walking out with a boring style. If you lean toward medium-length hairstyles and longer — or if you prefer dynamic cuts with more motion, ideal for straight hairstyles— then Zephyr is well worth a visit.

Haircuts start at $95, and you can also choose from beard trimming, shaving, and scalp massaging services.


Since New York City has hundreds if not thousands of places to get your hair cut, it might seem crazy to feature a mere half dozen barbershops and salons.

But these six establishments represent the most premium haircutting services available in NYC. Whether you’re looking for a basic cut or something elaborate. Maybe you’re looking for hairstyles for Indian men or the best Asian hairstyles. Regardless of your needs, you can’t go wrong with any of these places. They’re fantastic for born-and-raised New Yorkers and first-time visitors alike.

What’s your max budget for a haircut? Let me know in the comments!

6 NYC Barbershops & Salons Guys Should Know % % (2024)


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