10 Best Barbershops In NYC For A Haircut (2024)

Looking for a fresh trim? These NYC barbershops are offering the best grooming services available right now!

Corey Fuller - Staff Writer

10 Best Barbershops In NYC For A Haircut (2)
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Ranging in price, location, and style NYC is home to some of the best barbershops around! Specializing in the finest men’s haircuts, these barbers in particular will leave you with a look that you’ll be ecstatic with! Next time you’re looking for a barbershop near you, make an appointment at one of these spots:

1. Mildred New York

10 Best Barbershops In NYC For A Haircut (3)

Nestled into the Lower East Side sits Mildred New York, a sleek and minimalistic looking barber shop that looks like the inside of a café. While you admire the washed away white rustic interior and plethora of plants, you can gather your thoughts on what kind of haircut (which will run you $60) you’ll do. They’ll also even offer you complimentary water, coffee, and beer too!

Where: 124 Ridge St

2. AMG Barbershop

10 Best Barbershops In NYC For A Haircut (4)

This West Village outpost has a seasoned team of hairstyle experts that will offer you a fantastic grooming experience. Their diverse ranges of styles and textures offer something for everyone, and services like hair washes, touch-ups and edge-ups, and machine massages offer a luxurious addition to your run-of-the-mill cut. Prices range from $17-70.

Where: 117 Greenwich Ave

3. Blind Barber

10 Best Barbershops In NYC For A Haircut (5)

Blind Barber in the East Village isn’t your typical barber shop…but it turns into a speakeasy by night! During the day, stop in for a trim in the front shop while you sip on a co*cktail included in the price. Then, stay later into the night when the lights dim and the backroom turns into a hidden bar full of dancing. Learn more about Blind Barber here.

Where: 339 E 10th St

4. Takamichi Hair

10 Best Barbershops In NYC For A Haircut (6)

Takamichi Saeki has been styling looks in his chill Lower East Side Studio for over 20 years. This spot is more on the expensive side of traditional services, with prices ranging in the few hundreds of dollars range. Their menu of options includes services like blowouts, deep conditioning, hair straightening, and more.

Where: 263 Bowery

5. On the Mark Barbershop

10 Best Barbershops In NYC For A Haircut (7)

Every cut here is truly “On the Mark,” and their East Village location (which has been around since 2009) is perfectly situated in the neighborhood. Of course, boss Mark headlines their expert barber lineup…but any one you have an appointment with will leave you happy with a smile. Try to stop in early too, because they have a front bar that offers a free whiskey, tequila, or vodka drink. Haircuts are $40 for a 30 minute sitting.

Where: 350 E 13th St

6. Hairrari

10 Best Barbershops In NYC For A Haircut (8)

With 3 locations around New York City, this woman, immigrant, and queer-owned barbershop is truly one of our favorites. It’s gender-neutral, meaning anyone is welcome to enjoy their range of services, from buzzcuts to bob trims to hair coloring. Prices start at $40 and peak to $150 depending on the style and treatment.


East Village – 34 E 1st St

Williamsburg – 41 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn

Bushwick – 206 Bushwick Ave, Brooklyn

7. Gotham City Barber Shop

10 Best Barbershops In NYC For A Haircut (9)

If you’re looking for a barbershop near Midtown, stop by Gotham City Barbershop, who specializes in world-class hair cuts, styling, wet shaves and more! They have 3 different locations scattered around the neighborhood, and their expert barbers are some of the best in the area. We recommend trying out their hot towel service after, it’s worth it.


456 W 57th St (corner of 10th Ave)

336 W 57th St (between 8th and 9th Ave)

1363 6th Ave (between 55th and 56th Street)

8. Soho NYC Barbers

10 Best Barbershops In NYC For A Haircut (10)

Open since 2013, Soho NYC Barbers welcomes over 1,000 clients plus walk-ins, offering state of the art haircuts. They cherish their clientele as a “community” and it’s a welcoming one too. Their services include traditional haircuts, shaves, trims, tapes, and much more. The friendly staff is super helpful and dedicated to helping pick out your next look. Prices are pretty standard, ranging from $35-80.

Where: 396 Broome St

9. Black Rabbit Barbershop

10 Best Barbershops In NYC For A Haircut (11)

Black Rabbit Barbershop in Bushwick is super inviting and has a very chill atmosphere. The expert barbershops are super down-to-earth and will even offer you a drink while they tell you tales of haircut’s past. Services offered include fades, scissor cuts, straight razor shaves, and so much more. Just let them know what you have in mind and let them take it away. A standard haircut is $40.

Where: 444 Melrose St, Brooklyn

10. Pall Mall Barbers

10 Best Barbershops In NYC For A Haircut (12)

It’s hard to believe Pall Mall Barbers has been around for over 127 years, which means they’ve mastered their craft. This barbershop is world-renowned and has given trims to the likes of His Royal Highness Prince William, just to name one. The Midtown shop offers beard styling, haircuts, shaves, hair coloring, and is “dedicated to empowering men to look and feel fantastic.” Stop in today to see why it’s so well known.

Where: 10 Rockefeller Plaza, Lower Concourse

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10 Best Barbershops In NYC For A Haircut (2024)


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